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GE knows how to lead and manage through cycles. In today’s oil and gas industry, evolution is a prerequisite, not only for meeting the world’s growing energy needs, but for discovering breakthrough advancements. It’s more important than ever for the oil and gas industry to innovate better ways of operating, especially when considering today’s market environment and the growing need for energy.

Digital will drive productivity
GE utilizes technology and expertise from across its businesses. And with that, the goal is to lead the industry in analytics, powered by Predix™, GE’s Industrial Internet platform, to lead a new productivity revolution.

We are focused on simplification and our customer
To service customers more efficiently, GE is committed to making life easier, improving customer performance and improve delivery of services with the help of a localized global footprint.

Play for the long-run
GE invests heavily in R&D, high-growth areas, including unconventional resources and subsea services, and key growth regions. We’ve done this before and seen it pay off for our industry partners in the Aviation sector.

We drive enterprise advantages that benefit the entire company, through what we call the ‘GE Store.’ It means that every business in GE can share and access the same technology, markets, structure and intellect. The value of the GE Store is captured by faster growth at higher margins; it makes the totality of GE more competitive than the parts. No other company has the ability to transfer intellect and technology as GE can through the Store.

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