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The panel discussed how we can keep the industry working through tough periods like the present, and focused on the importance of close relationships as a vital element. Panelists also agreed on the importance of not underestimating the effort that needs to be put into enforcing the right behaviors throughout the organization — something that is often taken too lightly.

It was highlighted that the search for perfect executional excellence and the implementation of compelling digital capabilities are pivotal for the sector’s sustained future. The moderator pointed out GE’s mantra of doing fewer things better with less — to be simpler, nimbler and faster, to navigate in volatile environments.

At $30 a barrel, tight partnerships with suppliers make a difference. In fact, they determine the difference between being in and out of business

By Rod Duke

Like we’re rigorously driving a culture of being incident-free, we need to deploy the same rigor on cost-conscious behaviors. It requires a real investment to get this right, but really pays off, and will set us up for a better future

By Bernard Quoix

You can sit anywhere in the world to control our robots, do simulations and train people, while practicing and doing dry runs. Our approach is to specify our equipment so supply chains can become more effective.

By Jørgen Hallundbæk
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