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The future of data analytics and cognitive computing is today. Data is going to be the competitive key for individual organizations as well as the entire oil and gas industry. Using advanced technology will help us translate data into real operational solutions — getting ahead of failures, proactively identifying risks and mistakes, to deliver safer and more reliable services.

To ensure more efficient use of data and, ultimately, better decision-making, it is important for the industry to integrate systems, connect data engineers with data users, and collaborate across the industry to design a more open data architecture that increases learning.

The drivers and gains speak for themselves. This is the world we live in — big data is integrated in everyday life. The public knows it, the regulators know it, we all know it. There is really no reason to not incorporate data into your organization.

By Ken Oostman

My advice to the industry is to be an informed buyer. Make sure your investment is connected to the problems you are trying to solve. And don’t be afraid to benchmark within or outside industry. Ask yourself: would our industry’s ‘good’ be ‘average’ or ‘great’ externally? Let’s aim higher

By Michael Utsler
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