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Although the past 12 months have seen several cases of turmoil created by cyber-attacks against large companies’ infrastructure, Mr. Hyppönen cautions that there is no reason to be too pessimistic—that overall, the upside of using digital technologies far outweigh the downside of these attacks. He says it’s no different than being diligent and wary of criminals in any other aspect of life or business.

Security isn’t a product, it’s a process.

By Mikko Hyppönen, Chief Research Officer, F-Secure
Since any “smart technology” or anything linked to the internet can theoretically be hacked, he said that every company is a software company—and that the difference between companies that succeed and companies that don’t is how good they are with software. Which is why he thinks computer security should be a board-level subject.

Mr. Hyppönen believes that, as the cost of computing power decreases, virtually everything will go online before long. So, while we shouldn’t back down from cyber threats, we should invest in prevention. He concluded by telling the audience to think of security as the enabler of their organization’s digital goals—and encouraging them to invite hackers in and reward them for finding weaknesses in their systems.